Chrysanthemum Dryer

烘干烤箱产品介绍  网链式烘干烤箱广泛应用于食品(如面琪)、干果(大枣、巴旦木、腰果、开心果等)、花茶(玫瑰花、菊花、金银花、百合花等)、农副产品(如玉米、花生等)、脱水蔬菜(如大蒜、辣椒、洋葱、萝卜、生姜、小香葱、辣根、菠菜等)、瓜果(如木瓜、薯片、山楂片、葡萄干、哈密瓜等)、中草药(如连翘、黄蜀葵、枸杞、秋葵等)、水产品、土特产品、饲料及化工原料等加工成片状、条状、块状和颗粒状物料的脱水干燥作业。该烤箱设有自动均料、自动提升功能,可把料物自动摊平后均匀的送入烘干箱内;箱内采用多层移动式不锈钢网带,可使料物自动翻转,热气流自下而上穿过网带及其网带上面的物料层,热质交换均匀、充分,生产效率高,产品质量好,色泽好看,烘干烤箱设有冷却层和震动输料装置,出料温度低,有利于及时包装;烘干烤箱设有活动门,便于清理;还另配自动出料风冷装袋设施,节省人工,方便快捷。  烘干烤箱摊料面积有25—130平方米十几种大小不等的机型,可以满足多种物料和不同生产规模的需求。规格:5-20米3-6层可任意定做。联系方式企业名称:济南华庆农业机械科技有限公司企业地址:山东省济南市商河县玉皇庙镇政府驻地联系电话:+86-531-82335111 联系手机:+86-183-63011182传   真:+86-531-82337555

Bed castings are large-scale castings, generally using resin sand, lost foam solid mold casting. The material is made of high-quality and delicate gray cast iron HT200-HT300, with precise proportioning and higher tensile and bending strength, so that you can purchase without worries. The popular heat treatment process reduces the stress and deformation of castings, improves plasticity, facilitates cutting or pressure processing, and tends to be more stable for long-term use.


Chrysanthemum Dryer

Chrysanthemum Dryer


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Mesh chain drying ovens are widely used in food (such as noodles), dried fruits (jujube, almond, cashew nuts, pistachios, etc.), scented tea (roses, chrysanthemums, honeysuckle, lilies, etc.), agricultural and sideline products (such as Corn, peanuts, etc.), dehydrated vegetables (such as garlic, pepper, onion, radish, ginger, shallot, horseradish, spinach, etc.), fruits (such as papaya, potato chips, hawthorn slices, raisins, cantaloupe, etc.), Chinese herbal medicine (such as forsythia, hollyhock, wolfberry, okra, etc.), aquatic products, native products, feed and chemical raw materials, etc. are processed into flakes, strips, blocks and granular materials. Dehydration and drying operations. The oven is equipped with automatic material leveling and automatic lifting functions, which can automatically flatten the material and evenly send it into the drying box; the box uses a multi-layer movable stainless steel mesh belt, which can automatically turn the material and the hot air flow automatically It passes through the mesh belt and the material layer on the mesh belt from bottom to top. The heat and mass exchange is uniform and sufficient, the production efficiency is high, the product quality is good, and the color is beautiful. The drying oven is equipped with a cooling layer and a vibrating feeding device. Low temperature, which is conducive to timely packaging; the drying oven is equipped with a movable door, which is easy to clean; it is also equipped with an automatic discharge air-cooled bagging facility, which saves labor and is convenient and quick.

There are more than a dozen types of drying ovens with a booth area of 25-130 square meters, which can meet the needs of various materials and different production scales.

Specifications: 5-20 meters, 3-6 floors can be customized.

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