Qinghua garlic separator

The garlic clover is made of high elastic silicone plates and manufactured using the principle of kneading. It is equipped with a high-performance deceleration motor and a chain wheel drive system. During operation, the gap between the silicone plates can be freely adjusted according to the size of the garlic, with a clover rate of over 95%. It is also equipped with a fan system to remove garlic impurities. There are multiple models of this machine, with an hourly output of about 1500 kilograms. The garlic clover uses a silicone plate that meets food safety standards to simulate the hand peeling action, so that the garlic can achieve the peeling effect and the gap between the rubber plates can be adjusted. The garlic can be used in any size, with the advantages of not damaging the garlic cloves and high peeling rate. The device is easy to operate, with a built-in fan that automatically separates garlic peels, garlic stems, and garlic cloves, allowing one person to use it alone. Featuring practicality, power saving, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, and low failure rate.

Bed castings are large-scale castings, generally using resin sand, lost foam solid mold casting. The material is made of high-quality and delicate gray cast iron HT200-HT300, with precise proportioning and higher tensile and bending strength, so that you can purchase without worries. The popular heat treatment process reduces the stress and deformation of castings, improves plasticity, facilitates cutting or pressure processing, and tends to be more stable for long-term use.


Qinghua garlic separator


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