2BUZ-1.5A Self-propelled Garlic Seeder

Bed castings are large-scale castings, generally using resin sand, lost foam solid mold casting. The material is made of high-quality and delicate gray cast iron HT200-HT300, with precise proportioning and higher tensile and bending strength, so that you can purchase without worries. The popular heat treatment process reduces the stress and deformation of castings, improves plasticity, facilitates cutting or pressure processing, and tends to be more stable for long-term use.


2BUZ-1.5A Self-propelled Garlic Seeder

2BUZ-1.5A Self-propelled Garlic Seeder


Products Introduction

Technical Parameters:

Machinery category:

Planting and fertilizing machinery

Equipment category:

Sowing Machinery

Equipment item:

Root crop planter


Jinan Huaqing Agricultural Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Product Name:

Garlic Planter



Configuration parameters:

Structure size: (length*width*height) 3250*2300*1780

Mass of the whole machine: (kg) 2100

Supporting power: (kw) 10-36

Number of working lines: 14 lines

Row spacing: (cm) 11.5

Space between plants: (cm) 12

Work width: (cm) 150

Production rate (h㎡/h): 0.449-0.078

Type of seed picker: chain spoon

Operation mode of seed picker: continuous operation

Director form: Conical bowl

Number of orientators: (units) 2*14*3

Planter form: plug-in

Number of planters: (units) 2*14

Seed volume: (L) 170

Type of transmission mechanism: chain drive, gear drive

Structural form: self-propelled crawler

Missed broadcast rate: (%) 1.25

Positive bud rate: (%) 97.4

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