500 kg Garlic chain peeling machine

Garlicchain peelingmachine TechnicalParameters: name:Garlicpeelingmachine model:QHLT-3 Brand:Qinghua Typesof:Garlicchainpeelingmachine netweight:500 Voltage:380v Yield:500kg/h package:Stretchfilmpackaging Aircompressorisrequired:37kWaircompressor Suitable:garlic Dimensions:2800*800*1600 First,theproductintroductionQinghuabrandchaingarlicpeelingmachineisahigh-efficiencyautomaticpeelingequipmentthatpeelsoffbypneumaticprinciple.Thegarlicisdividedbythesplittingmachine,andthegarliccloveafterthesplittingentersthepeelingmachinethroughtheconveyor,andthegarliccloveisprocessedintogarlicwithoutanydamage,andthegarlicclovecanbepeeledoffwithoutusingthewater.Second,theperformancecharacteristics1.Thespeciallydesignedpeelingprincipleisadopted.Duringthepeelingprocess,thegarlicclovesarepeeledoffwithoutanyhardnessfriction,ensuringtheintegrity,freshnessandpollutionoftheprocessedmaterials.2,withautomaticsplittingandpeelingfunction,whilesavingenergy,highproductionandhighefficiency,easytoclean.3,withautomaticguidingdevice,garlicandgarlicskinautomaticallyseparated,theproductmeetsthesanitarystandard,inaddition,becausegarlicisnoteasytodamage,canbestoredformanydaysafterpeeling.CompanyName:JinanHuaqingAgriculturalMachineryTechnologyCo.,Ltd.Businessaddress:GovernmentresidentofYuhuangmiaoZhenzhen,ShangheCounty,JinanCity,ShandongProvinceContact:ChongJunTel:0531-82335111 13864113502

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500 kg Garlic chain peeling machine

Products Introduction

Garlic chain peeling machine
Technical Parameters:
name:Garlic peeling machine
Types of:Garlic chain peeling machine
net weight:500
package:Stretch film packaging
Air compressor is required:37 kW air compressor
First, the product introduction
Qinghua brand chain garlic peeling machine is a high-efficiency automatic peeling equipment that peels off by pneumatic principle. The garlic is divided by the splitting machine, and the garlic clove after the splitting enters the peeling machine through the conveyor, and the garlic clove is processed into garlic without any damage, and the garlic clove can be peeled off without using the water.
Second, the performance characteristics
1. The specially designed peeling principle is adopted. During the peeling process, the garlic cloves are peeled off without any hardness friction, ensuring the integrity, freshness and pollution of the processed materials.
2, with automatic splitting and peeling function, while saving energy, high production and high efficiency, easy to clean.
3, with automatic guiding device, garlic and garlic skin automatically separated, the product meets the sanitary standard, in addition, because garlic is not easy to damage, can be stored for many days after peeling.
Company Name: Jinan Huaqing Agricultural Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
Business address: Government resident of Yuhuangmiao Zhenzhen, Shanghe County, Jinan City, Shandong Province
Contact: Chong Jun Tel: 0531-82335111  13864113502

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