Household minitype dividing machine

GarlicsplitvalvemachineProductDescription:Thegarlicdividerismadeofhighelasticsilicagelsheetandrubbingprinciple.Itcanadjustthegapofsilicagelsheetaccordingtothesizeofgarlic.Thedividingrateisover95%andtheimpuritiesingarliccanberemoved.Thegarliccanbedividedintotwopartsbysimulatingtheactionofhandpeeling,andtheclearanceoftheglueboardcanbeadjusted.Thegarliccanbeusedinallsizes.Thegarlichastheadvantagesoflowdamagerateandhighdividingrate.Theequipmentiseasytooperate.Garlic,garlicandgarliccanbeseparatedautomatically.Onepersoncanuseitalone.Ithasthecharacteristicsofpracticality,electricitysaving,highproductionefficiency,easymaintenanceandcleaning,lowfailurerateandsoon.Theadvantagesofgarlicseparatorare:1.highautomation,highefficiency,savingtime,laborandmanpower.2.environmentalprotection,energysaving,nopollutiontotheenvironment,nowasteofrawmaterials.3.theappearanceoftheequipmentisexquisiteandgenerous,theinnerstructureiscompact,theoccupationareaissmall,andtheuseisconvenient.Technicalparameters:Voltage:220Vpower:0.18kwWeight:27kgsizemm:500*300*400Volume:0.06yield:50kg/hCompanyName:JinanHuaqingAgriculturalMachineryTechnologyCo.,Ltd.Businessaddress:GovernmentresidentofYuhuangmiaoZhenzhen,ShangheCounty,JinanCity,ShandongProvinceContact:ChongJunTel:0531-82335111 13864113502

Bed castings are large-scale castings, generally using resin sand, lost foam solid mold casting. The material is made of high-quality and delicate gray cast iron HT200-HT300, with precise proportioning and higher tensile and bending strength, so that you can purchase without worries. The popular heat treatment process reduces the stress and deformation of castings, improves plasticity, facilitates cutting or pressure processing, and tends to be more stable for long-term use.


Household minitype dividing machine

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Garlic split valve machine
Product Description:
The garlic divider is made of high elastic silica gel sheet and rubbing principle. It can adjust the gap of silica gel sheet according to the size of garlic. The dividing rate is over 95% and the impurities in garlic can be removed. The garlic can be divided into two parts by simulating the action of hand peeling, and the clearance of the glue board can be adjusted. The garlic can be used in all sizes. The garlic has the advantages of low damage rate and high dividing rate. The equipment is easy to operate. Garlic, garlic and garlic can be separated automatically. One person can use it alone. It has the characteristics of practicality, electricity saving, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, low failure rate and so on.
The advantages of garlic separator are:
1. high automation, high efficiency, saving time, labor and manpower.
2. environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution to the environment, no waste of raw materials.
3. the appearance of the equipment is exquisite and generous, the inner structure is compact, the occupation area is small, and the use is convenient.
Technical parameters:
Voltage: 220V power: 0.18kw
Weight: 27kg size mm:500*300*400
Volume: 0.06 yield: 50kg /h
Company Name: Jinan Huaqing Agricultural Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
Business address: Government resident of Yuhuangmiao Zhenzhen, Shanghe County, Jinan City, Shandong Province
Contact: Chong Jun Tel: 0531-82335111  13864113502

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