Garlic sorting machine

TechnicalParameters: name:Garlicsortingmachine model:QHSQ-1 Brand:Qinghua Typesof: Sortingmachine netweight:600kg Voltage:380v power:2kw Yield:1500-2000kg/h Dimensions:5000*1600*1500 package:Stretchfilmpackaging Suitable:Garlic,onion Garlicsortingmachineintroduction Scopeofapplication:sortingandgradingofsphericalmaterialssuchasgarlic,shallot,macadamia,walnut,kumquat,jujube,hawthornandlonganTechnicalprinciple:Thefruitandvegetablesortingandclassifyingmachineintroducedbyourcompanyisdividedintofourgradesaccordingtothecropspecifications,whicharedividedintofourlevelsof1,2,3and4,andthematerialstobescreenedareprogressivelyadvancedbyrollerrotation.Thesizeofthemeshholeisfromsmalltolarge.Ifthematerialissmallerthanthefirst-stagesievehole,itwillautomaticallyfallintothecorrespondingdischargeportofNo.1.Ifthematerialislargerthanthefirst-gradespecification,itwillcontinuetobeforwardeduntilallthematerialsaregood.grade. Function:Thisequipmentisbasedonmanyyearsoffruitandvegetablesortingexperienceandcustomerfeedbackandsuggestions.Ithastheadvantagesofaccuratesorting,goodquality,nodamage,highefficiency,reasonablepriceandsolvetheproblemofsortingonthemarket.Difficultanddifficulttouse,themajorityofcustomersarefavored.CompanyName:JinanHuaqingAgriculturalMachineryTechnologyCo.,Ltd.Businessaddress:GovernmentresidentofYuhuangmiaoZhenzhen,ShangheCounty,JinanCity,ShandongProvinceContact:ChongJunTel:0531-82335111 13864113502

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Garlic sorting machine

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Technical Parameters:
name:Garlic sorting machine
Types of:
Sorting machine
net weight:600kg
package:Stretch film packaging
Suitable:Garlic, onion
Garlic sorting machine introduction
Scope of application: sorting and grading of spherical materials such as garlic, shallot, macadamia, walnut, kumquat, jujube, hawthorn and longan
Technical principle: The fruit and vegetable sorting and classifying machine introduced by our company is divided into four grades according to the crop specifications, which are divided into four levels of 1, 2, 3 and 4, and the materials to be screened are progressively advanced by roller rotation. The size of the mesh hole is from small to large. If the material is smaller than the first-stage sieve hole, it will automatically fall into the corresponding discharge port of No.1. If the material is larger than the first-grade specification, it will continue to be forwarded until all the materials are good. grade.
 Function: This equipment is based on many years of fruit and vegetable sorting experience and customer feedback and suggestions. It has the advantages of accurate sorting, good quality, no damage, high efficiency, reasonable price and solve the problem of sorting on the market. Difficult and difficult to use, the majority of customers are favored.
Company Name: Jinan Huaqing Agricultural Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
Business address: Government resident of Yuhuangmiao Zhenzhen, Shanghe County, Jinan City, Shandong Province
Contact: Chong Jun Tel: 0531-82335111  13864113502

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