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Our county enterprise was shortlisted for the first "Establishment Qilu·Win-Win Future" High-level Talent Entrepreneurship Compe




According to the " Notice on Holding the First " Starting Qilu·Win-Win Future " High-level Talent Entrepreneurship Competition , the first "Starting Qilu·Win-Win Future" high-level talent entrepreneurship competition has passed the three stages of pre-registration, qualification review and initial network evaluation . A total of 264 companies and teams entered the field finals, including 178 entrepreneurial candidates and 86 entrepreneurial candidates. According to the public list feedback, the province was selected as a “modern high-efficiency agricultural group” with 17 entrepreneurial candidates and 12 entrepreneurial team candidates. Jinan Huaqing Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.’s “Garlic Full-Mechanical R&D Team” was shortlisted. Modern and efficient agriculture group "starting team class candidates. The finals of the Entrepreneurship Competition will be held in Qingdao, Yantai, Weifang and Jinan from August 21 to September 8.
The first “Starting Qilu·Win-Win Future” high-level talent entrepreneurship competition was jointly organized by the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Science and Technology Department and the Provincial Finance Department. It focused on the key areas of new and old kinetic energy, highlighted the development orientation of the service industry, and attracted a high level at home and abroad . Talents bring capital, bring creativity, bring technology, bring projects to Shandong, cultivate new advantages in industrial development, and help transform old and new kinetic energy.
The winners of the entrepreneurial team will be eligible for the qualification of leading talents in the Taishan Industrial Technology Entrepreneurship category. The candidate is registered and established in Shandong within one year after the end of the competition, and is the main founder of the entrepreneurial enterprise and is the largest shareholder, the shareholding ratio is generally not less than 30% of the total shares, and the basic conditions of the leading talents of Taishan Industrial Technology Entrepreneurship The company can directly enter the scope of investigation of leading talents in the Taishan industry, science and technology entrepreneurship, and after being inspected and publicized, it will be announced as a leading talent in the Taishan industry science and technology entrepreneurship and enjoy relevant treatment.


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